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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Becky is one with the community. She stands for the same things you believe in. Like you, she has made Kansas City her home and has raised her family here. She has dedicated her life to improving the community around her. Her dream is to make a difference, and she strives to achieve that dream every day.

As a two-time elected city official, Becky proudly represents the people in the Fifth District as city councilwoman at large. Becky believes every citizen, from business owners to private citizens, deserves the best service from their elected officials.

Before Becky served on the City Council of Kansas City, she served as vice president on the Raytown C-2 Board of Education. She instituted a “no pass, no play” rule for junior high and high school athletes, resulting in improved grades among Raytown student athletes.

Along with kids, Becky wants the best for Kansas City’s animal population. She hosts a daily pet adoption show that airs on Channel 2 – Kansas City’s government channel. Her efforts and support have helped increase pet adoptions by 60 percent.

Becky means business. Kansas City is the second-largest rail hub and third-largest trucking hub in the country. Becky wants to use these strengths to attract new businesses to Kansas City. Additionally, she is committed to Kansas City’s existing business neighbors to

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